Growing a Cactus from Seed.

Do you have the Patients to Grow a Cactus from Seed?

Cactus are grown for eating and also for decorative purposes. They can boost the beauty of your garden if you plan to grow them. People think that cactus only grow best when there is an extreme lack of water like in the desert but that is not actually true. Cactus also have a type of species that grow best in humid condition. Growing cactus can be tricky so make sure that you give your time and mind to this.

Gardening Tips & Tricks : Growing Cactus

You will need seeds before you can even start thinking of growing the cactus plants. There are two ways in which can get these seeds. You can either buy them from a store, or you can pluck them off a cactus. Do what you think would be easier for you. However, the seeds that you will buy from the stores wont be very expensive and they will be in nice little packages where you will be given a lot of information about the seeds, but if you try to get the seeds of the cacti then it might become a bit tough for you. Because they are quite a hard thing to do even though you will get the seeds for free. You should not have to look much for finding cactus seeds on sale, because they are quite popular and many people look to plant these in their gardens. There are many small gardening stores that sell cactus seeds and also you can try going online and search in the most popular online websites to try to get the highest quality cactus seeds. But if you are trying to get the seeds from existing cacti, then you should remove the pods or fruits from the cacti before the run out of moisture. The pods might not be fully moistures on the outside the interior should have enough moisture. Now keep in mind that the seeds that you will find in the pods will vary in appearance and they won’t be the same in appearance in all the cactus. Some will be like black or red dots and some will the size of sand particles. SO don’t be disheartened if you see that your seeds are different in appearance than other seeds that you have seen earlier. Now there is a way in which you can see if the pod has matured or not. If the pod comes right off the cactus, then that is a sign that the pods have become mature enough. After you have found the mature pods, you will have to harvest the seeds from them. You will have to remove them from the pods. You have to start by cutting the surface of the pods with a knife and then completely expose the pods by cutting them in half and then you will see the seeds. Then you will have to carefully remove the seeds from the pods. Other types of cactus species might have different methods to removing the seeds so refer to your nearest nursery homes to know exactly how to remove the seeds.

By this time, you should have the seeds. You would have either bought them form a gardening store or you have taken form an existing cactus, whatever the way, you should have seeds of cactus plants by this time. Now you have to plant them. This is the main part so do this part very carefully. Next you will have to prepare a soil for planting the seeds. You should bear in mind that this soil should be good in drainage. If not the cactus plant will not get enough water and then will eventually die. So after you have prepared a soil, you will have to make sure that the soil is well watered. Moisten the soil a lot and then put the soil in container where you want to grow the cactus plant. The container should be clean and it should able to hold the plants when they grow up. Next, you have to just spread the seeds on top of the soil. Planting cactus seeds are different than planting any other type of plant. Cactus seeds do not have much energy stored in them, so when you plant the seeds make sure that you don’t bury them. Because if you do so, they won’t have the energy to go back up and that is why you just have to put a very thin layer of soil above the seeds. But keep in mind that the layer should be so thin that they don’t have to work much in order to grow out of the soil. As I said earlier, you have to get the type of soil that has a very high drainage capability that is even more important if you are planting the variety that is the desert type. Now remember that if you are planting the desert species of the cactus then that means that these plants that you are planting are not used to getting much water. So if you supply too much of water and the water is not then drained then the plants might get some kinds of disease related to roots that might even kill them. This is because in the desert they are exposed to intense droughts and if suddenly they are exposed to too much water, then they will take time to adjust to it, or worse they might not adjust and then die. You should buy soils that is mixed with a high percentage of rocks. Sometimes you might even have to bake the soils in intense heat just to get rid of the pest and the bacteria that might be formed in the sol.

After you are done with collecting the seeds and then planting them, you have to make sure that the moisture in the soils and the seeds don’t get lost. If you expose it to the sun, then it might become too dry too fast. So, it’s a good idea to wrap the container that you planted the cactus in plastic papers so that its transparent, this will allow sunlight to pass through the wrap and then the seeds will be able to germinate. Make sure that you keep the container in a place where there would be enough sunlight to allow the plants to grow. There should be at least three hours of intense sunlight in the place where you are planning to put the container of the plant in. Now, as I said earlier there many different species of cactus and depending on type that you chose, the time of germination will vary. Some might take much longer than others. So be patient and keep researching on the type of seed species that you planted. You can get a lot of information from the internet. The transparent covering is actually very important, because that will allow the moisture that is in the container to be retained and it will also allow the sunlight to pass through the covering and that will only allow the germination to take place. Some cactus species grow in the forests where there is a lot of shade as there are a lot of high heighted trees there and they don’t need much sunlight because they are used to grow in the shade but the species of cactus which grow in the desert require a lot of light and they will die or wither of very quickly if you don’t pay enough attention to the amount of light that is provided for them. Also keep in mind that the temperatures in the desert are extremely high when you compare them to the temperatures in the united states. So make sure that the container and the plants are kept at constant warm temperature. That is keep them in constant temperature through the whole day, now you might ask that the cactus in the desert are exposed to extreme change in temperatures, meaning that they are in extremely harsh hot weather in the morning daylight and when the night falls, they are exposed to very very cold temperatures in the desert. They grow like this in their natural habitat, but that is not the way they like it. The cactus plants actually prefer a constant warm temperature; they don’t prefer the extreme changes in temperatures. When you think of it, it’s very hard for living things to change their body temperatures to suit the environment so fast. So you have to provide a warm temperature all the time if you want your plant to grow up healthy. Now there are nothing much you can do to control the temperature if you are planning to plant the cactus outdoors but if you want your plant to grow healthy then you may have to grow it indoors where you can control the conditions that the plants grow in. In the united states there is not the tropical weather that is required by the desert cactus, even in the southern states. So you have to prepare a room in your house where there is a constant steady warm temperature all the time. But if you live in a tropical climate, then you can keep the plant outdoors because the temperature in the tropical region is always warm and you don’t have to make artificial conditions to make the plants grow healthy.

You should see in a few weeks that the seeds are starting to germinate. Keep in mind that some of the cactus species will take longer than this to germinate, so do not lose hope if you see that the seeds are not germinating. These cacti grow quite slowly than the other plants, so don’t expect them to geminate in a few days like the other plants. Be patient and slowly you will see that the first thorns are starting to grow from the seedling. This is big sign for you that the cactus will now need a bit more room, so you can now remove the plastic covering that you put on when you planted the cactus seeds. After this you should keep the lid open in the day time and then putting it back on when the day passes. You have to do this continuously until you see that the plant has grown big enough and it will not need the cover anymore as it is fully grown. Now remember that when you remove the plastic cover the water will now evaporate more quickly than before, so now you will have to start watering the plant regularly and if you see that the water is getting too much then don’t water. Because these plants if they are desert species would not have gotten much water if they were in the desert so too much water might cause them problems of some sort. Keep in mind that you only have to make the soil a little bit wet, too much water is watering for these plants.

After some time, you will see that the cactus has gotten a little bit bigger in size and at the moment when you feel like that the cactus has grown enough, you should transfer the plant from the container to a pot. But don’t be hasty, the plant should take half a year to reach this point where you can transfer it. You have to change its container because if the container is too small for it, then it will struggle for its nutrients and will eventually die.

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