The Perfect Christmas Tree this Year 2020.

With Christmas closing in, it is time to start thinking about one of the main Christmas attractions – the Christmas tree. Let us take a look at a few tips to help you set up the perfect Christmas tree.

Place for The Tree

The struggle is always where to put your tree. While keeping that perfect spot in mind you have to remember not to put the tree anywhere near a heat source. A flaming Christmas tree can be disastrous. The setting of the tree is also important. The surface on which the tree will be must be smooth to prevent the tree from falling.


Before going on the hunt for the perfect tree you should first decide on a place for it. Once you decided where the tree should be you must make sure that it would fit in. You must measure the whole tree including the top decoration. The tree stand must also be taken in consideration as that is the base of what the Christmas tree must be on. The roof and the space where the tree will be must also be measured to make your tree easier to fit in


It is advisable to take supplies with you like gloves and an old blanket with you when you go to collect the Christmas tree. Thick gloves can be used to protect your hand when you carry the tree. A measuring tape will help to get the tree with the perfect measurements. You can take an old blanket or a tarp to protect your tree when you take it home to protect your car. If your budget allows it, you can always ask for it can be delivered.

Tree stands

The tree stand is very important. The size of the tree trunk will depend on the size of the tree stand you use. A small stand will do perfectly if you have a small tree that you can put on the table. But if you like a big tree you definitely have to get a stand that will accommodate your tree.

The tree

There are a wide variety of Christmas trees to choose from. but the go to tree is always the Evergreen tree. The reason why this tree is so popular is that it stays green. Its needles are a short which makes it easier to decorate. There are also sturdy stems which enables you to put some of the more favourable heavy decorations in place.

Look after the floor

It is advisable to place your tree on a tarp to protect your floor or carpet. Plastic can help for when you mess water and tarp is very sturdy. It will prevent the Christmas tree from making watermarks if you have wooden floors in your home


It will depend on the height of the tree, or on whether you have to trim the tree or not.
You don’t have to show the tree of right away. Water it and place it near the sun. The top of your Christmas tree may be trimmed depending on how much space you want between the tree and the roof. The ornaments on the top will also be needed to take into consideration. Any wayward branches may also need to be trimmed to make your tree more presentable for the festive season.


When you find yourself in a pinch this festive season on how to purchase the perfect Christmas tree you can follow our carefully planned map for the perfect tree for the perfect holiday season.

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