Best indoor Christmas Plants

Greenery and flowers are even more necessary around the holidays because they add color, life, and cheer to your home even when the days become chilliest. Their value is often underestimated to more obvious decorating elements like holiday cookies and garlands but they are as beautiful as the fake tree in your corner that dies in within two months. Nowadays plants are so in fashion and part of holiday decorating.

Just for you, we’ve rounded up the absolute best Christmas plants. These plants can thrive for years with the right conditions and care. Take a look.


A signature Christmas houseplant nearly as classic as Christmas movies. The pointed flowers are of red color. These flowers aren’t flowers but leaves that change color with the passage of time. When you go choosing the plants, pick the fresh yellow ones. When you’ll bring them home, they will change color from soft yellow to light pink and at last deep red. The immatures ones will last longer too. 

Place them in direct sunlight and keep the temperatures between 65 and 75° Fahrenheit. A poinsettia plant shedding pollen is past its prime. For re-blooming, they’ll need extra care.

Christmas Cactus

A cactus as beautiful as its name and clearly associated with Christmas. It is a popular houseplant and once come holidays, floods the market. A winter special on Easter and Thanksgiving. The succulent-leaves are joined with each other forming segments. The flowers are perfect and come in so many colors like red, orange, pink, purple, and white. If you want to make your Christmas cactus bloom, keep the plant in darkness for 12 hours every night for six to eight weeks before Christmas.

These are hardy like all cacti and the best quality is that they last for years and years to come. Christmas cactus are easy to propagate too. A simple pluck and insert. A best Christmas plant.


A winter special plant. It has so many qualities that it seems like God made it especially for winters.  It has potato like tubers that can be dug after the season is over and plant come every winter. The foliage is dark green and also comes in variegated silver. On slender delicate stalks, the flower has upswept petals like a butterfly. Again, it is of no wonder that this plant blooms are available in many colors like crimson, pink, white, and purple.

Pick the crimson cyclamen for extra Christmas cheer. Some varieties also have a light sweet-smelling fragrance.

Cyclamen tolerate temperatures as low as 40° Fahrenheit and can bloom even after Christmas for 2 months, if cared and provided rightly.


A bulbous beauty that is being recognized as a Christmas plant. It has long slender stalks and sword-shaped leaves. On stalks, bell-shaped flower bloom. They come in so many dazzling colors that one wants all of them. From pure white to pink, red, orange, yellow, to dark purple the color palette is endless. Variegated varieties are also in fashion.

But indoors, they like relatively warm temperatures and humidity, a bit tropical. Place the plant in windows but not in direct sunlight or you can hang a sheer curtain in between.

Just a little force blooming required and these exotic looking are ready to go for Christmas. 


The beautiful winter-only narcissus are one of the best smelling flowers. They are easy to grow and car for. During the season, they come in loose bulbs and medium or kits. The leaves are long and stalks are about a foot tall. On these stalks, clusters of star-shape flower bloom that are as pure white as the winter snow. The plant is also available in many varieties with orange or yellow blooms.

water thoroughly when the soil is dry one inch below the surface once a week and once the bulb has sprouted, move it to a sunny window.

One quality that needs to be mentioned again, paperwhites smell heavenly. You can dig and divide the bulbs when the season is over and sow them in your garden for unlimited supply of paperwhites every Christmas.

So, these was our take on best Christmas plants that are a must for this heavenly holiday. Once indoors, they’ll dazzle up your space and keep your guests occupied and guessing what that beautiful plant in the window is. 

From our bubble to yours, here’s to better times ahead for us all! Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a safe and healthy 2021.

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