Best Plants for this up coming spring 2021

February now and the cold doesn’t bite quite like it used to anymore. Times are a changing — the sun stays out a little longer every day. 

Our gardens shiver and wake slowly from their stupor. But be wary! It’s still probably cold and wet (depending on where you are, of course)! Still, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get on with whatever’s left of winter’s work. 

However large or small your planting plot, it’s time to lay the groundwork for what’ll be a beautiful turnout come Spring. 

  1. Crocus — Harbinger Of Spring 

We like to call these pretty, hardy bulbs green light plants — they tell all the other spring bloomers it’s safe to follow. They’re hasty, too: you’ll often see them pop up while the ground’s still blanketed in a fine dusting of snow. If you’re hoping for a lovely spring showing, plant crocus as soon as autumn’s first leaves are underfoot and don’t be surprised if you start spotting them where you didn’t plant them— they’re naturalizers and love nothing more than to spread! Rodents love them, and they’ll often dig them up to bury them someplace else. 

  1. Daffodil — Spring’s Blaring Yellow Trumpets 

Nothing says springtime quite like a delicate bushel of daffodils. These beloved, classic springtime bulbs are the first sign that winter’s finally begun to thaw — it’s time to dust off the flower-crowns and sun hats and get to work. Like crocus, daffodils must be planted early in the fall if you’re looking to add some springtime cheer to your garden! These bright, yellow flowers are reliable and relatively hardy, the perfect choice for your first proper springtime garden. Rodents and deer give them a very wide berth, so you can rest easy knowing nothing’s gnawing at your daffodils while your back is turned. 

  1. Hyacinths — To Feed Thy Soul 

We’ve all heard Whittier’s famous poem: “If thou of fortune be bereft, and in thy store there be but left two loaves, sell one, and with the dole, buy hyacinths to feed thy soul,” but only those who’ve reared hyacinth from seedling to bloom know how true it is — these stunning, graceful flowers really are a balm for the soul. For fragrant, springtime bulbs plant early in the fall. Rodents and deer don’t care for them (there’s a toxic substance in the bulbs, foliage, and flowers). And best of all, hyacinth flowers are in bloom for weeks! Enjoy. 

  1. Primrose — The Smell Of Every Happy Thing 

Spring’s rainbow — primroses are among Spring’s very first flowers, and are beloved for their exquisite, multicoloured blooms. From pristine white, to canary yellow, velvety purple, and pale pink, a handful of primroses is enough to put most rainbows to shame. They’re easy, low-maintenance perennial flowers, which often bloom when snow is on the ground. With so many different varieties on the market, it’s imperative to that’s a perennial sure to survive winters wherever you happen to be.

  1. Forsythia — Pure, Unadulterated Joy 

Forsythia — it’s even lovely rolling off the tongue. These gorgeous, vividly yellow blooms often look as though someone’s hurled colour up from the ground, and like Primrose are amongst the first signs that Spring is on its merry way in. Older, more traditional sorts can often become a little unpredictable and leggier than one might like, so if you need to trim this shrub, be certain to do it right after flowering or you’ll cut off next year’s buds. Also, look for newer varieties that are better suited to more compact gardens.

  1. Tulip — Crack A Window And Breathe Springtime In

There’s a reason tulips inspired the world’s first major market bubble — the Dutch bought up these beautiful bulbs with such crazed fervor that the rarest tulip bulbs traded for as much as six times the average person’s annual salary. And it isn’t hard to see why: there’s few things quite as beautiful as a handful of bouncing tulips. Tulip bulbs must be planted early in the fall to enjoy velvetine blooms in the springtime. Though they’re technically a perennial, they don’t often outlive a year, so they’re considered annuals and re-planted every year. Rodents and birds and deer alike love them, so be sure to plant them in pots where rodents can’t dig or layered underneath far less appetizing bulbs — like daffodils.

  1. Pansies And Violas — It’s A Springtime Concerto, And Everyone’s Invited 

It doesn’t get a whole lot cuter than these adorable dog-faced annuals come in bright — floppy-eared and smiling, these good natured flowers are hard not to love. They come in vast array of bright, cheery colours and so long as you keep them out of direct sunlight, they won’t fade till the very end of Spring. And they can take a little frost like champs, too —and even a mild freeze, if it comes to it, so go ahead and plant them early in the spring.

  1. Sweet Alyssum — Dainty And Demure 

Sweet Alyssum indeed, these dainty, delicate little flowers make for the perfect addition to every springtime garden. Thankfully, they’re far stronger than their sweet, creamy white flowers would have you believe — these little blooms are tough as nails. Come rain or shine, Alyssum flowers keep their tiny heads up! So long as you keep them watered, it will bloom and bloom from spring until fall’s first hard breeze. What’s not to love?

  1. Fritillaria — Exotic And Daring 

With their spotted pink blooms and downturned heads — these unusual, exotic beauties don’t often show up in home gardens and that’s a damn shame. These fall-planted bulbs bloom are immediately recognizable by their oddly lovely bell shaped blooms that appear around the same time as tulips and daffodils. Rodents are largely uninterested in them. If you take a liking to them, remember that they must be re-planted every year! 

And that concludes our list of the best blooms for your springtime garden! Spot any of your favourites? 

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